Recognizing Acute Alcohol Poisoning

Recognizing Acute Alcohol Poisoning

It can be hard to tell when a night of serious drinking will take a turn for the dangerous. Many people have been around friends that have lost consciousness from drinking, only to recover the next day with nothing more than a bad hangover. You may think that to get alcohol poisoning takes a level of alcohol that people will rarely ever consume.

Yet too much alcohol can do much worse than causing you to fall asleep. Acute alcohol poisoning is a dangerous condition brought about by too much alcohol building up in the bloodstream. It affects most of the body’s core functions and organ systems, such as the heart, lungs, and brain. Those with alcohol poisoning can quickly pass out and die.

It is important that you be able to recognize the early signs of alcohol poisoning. A case that appears to be mild can quickly turn life-threatening if not treated.

Knowing The Symptoms

Acute alcohol poisoning is fairly straightforward to treat, but it needs to be identified early. Here are some the common symptoms:

●    Vomiting

●    Confusion

●    Unconsciousness

●    A heart rate that is slowing down

●    Shallow and irregular breathing

●    Low temperature and blue skin

Any of the above symptoms should put you on alert, and the presence of multiple symptoms calls for immediate medical attention. It is better to treat a friend who was just unconscious than to fail to get medical attention for someone with alcohol poisoning.

What Should You Do?

Here’s some advice on what you should do if someone around you appears to have alcohol poisoning:

●    Call 911 right away. Even if you are drunk and worried about what will happen to you. Someone’s life could be at risk

●    Answer questions when medical personnel arrive, helping them figure out how much the person drank

●    Make sure they don’t choke on their own vomit. Roll them on their side so that the vomit is more likely to clear their throat

●    Try to keep them awake

●    Breathing can be affected. Make sure that they are still breathing, and have someone nearby who knows how to perform CPR

Alcohol poisoning kills thousands of people per year. Unfortunately, many of these deaths could be prevented with simple steps, such as those listed above.

Talk to Us

At the AA of Los Angeles, we have a lot of experience dealing with cases of acute alcohol poisoning. We can educate you about what to do if someone around you appears to have alcohol poisoning, as well as tips you can take yourself to avoid situations where you put yourself at risk of binge drinking.

Many of our members have dealt with alcohol poisoning themselves, so they know how scary of an experience it can be for the drinker and those around them. We can help you develop the right coping skills so that you can stay away from alcohol and avoid becoming another victim of alcohol poisoning.

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